Tuesday, March 30, 2010


i did some photography for a women's retreat in January. At KCN church, i covered two days worth of photography and these are some of the best images. it was pretty dark, and i realize i have got to get a lens that has a smaller f/stop, but i'm working on that part...

the pastor's wife preaching...

this is by far my favorite photo. i really like that i chose sepia for this shot, too.

the whole church singing during praise and worship.

probably the only guy there, as it was a women's retreat, haha, but i like this shot too. there's something about photographing people when they are playing music that i absolutely love... you can see the passion in their eyes... the talent.

this is a great one too. praise and worship again. i like the angle on this one.

i enjoyed doing photography for this event. i was a bit shy, but i will work on getting more involved and social with my camera. :)

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