Monday, April 19, 2010


i KNOW that i need another camera body for my photography. 300+ guests to shoot next month. going to use my sister's nikon d40x which is basically the same as d60, so that's good.


i am wanting to get into canon lenses and learn about them. that's a whole new investment side of my photography. that may be another year or so, depending on how many photoshoots i can book.

but i am loving it right now!! busy busy photography keeps a photographer happy!

i am also needing more practice with my lensbaby 2.0 as it is difficult to focus with... no auto focus on the d60 body so i have to manually do it. working on that as well...

if ever there were a photo to describe how i feel right now, or how i will feel end may/beginning june... here it is...

drowning in photography... ooo i love it.

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